Board of Regents

The Iowa Board of Regents is a group of nine citizens appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate to govern five public education institutions throughout Iowa, including the University of Iowa.  The broad responsibilities of the Board of Regents include:

  • Creating strategic plans for the Board and approving mission statements and strategic plans for the institutions, as well as monitoring progress toward strategic goals.
  • Creating and monitoring implementation of broad policies.
  • Reviewing and approving academic programs.
  • Approving budgets, tuition and fees, bonding, investment policies, and other business and finance matters.
  • Managing and controlling property and capital projects.
  • Hiring and evaluating performance of the three university presidents and two special school superintendents.
  • Maintaining oversight on matters related to personnel and employment relations; administering the Regent Merit System and coordinating Regent collective bargaining activities.
  • Serving as trustees of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Monitoring and coordinating legislative matters and interactions with other state agencies.
  • Conducting studies and investigations, either alone or in association with the institutions and/or other agencies, and reporting findings and recommendations.